Ansel A. Knowlton (Physics), George Chester Wise (Modern Languages), Charles Wilbert Snow (English), Phil Carleton Bing (English), 1915

Ansel A. Knowlton, George Chester Wise, Charles Wilbert Snow, Phil Carleton Bing were all hired for their teaching but fired because the President at the time Joseph Kingsbury felt they worked against the administration, spoke poorly of the Chairman of the Board of Regents, espoused a negative view of the University to students, and were disloyal to the President of the University. Knowlton taught physics and would tell people that the Regent chair did not know the difference between physic/sickness and physics/natural world. George Wise would tell his students that the U of U was somewhere between Yale and Nevada in terms of location and quality. Charles Snow would talk about his experience of seeing the Salt Lake Temple for the first time and described his initial reaction as one of seeing a monstrosity because he entered from the relative flat terrain of the westside of the Great Salt Lake. Records do not indicate what Phil Bing was accused of.

To read more about the aftermath of these four professors not being renewed, see When Rights Clash: Origins of the University of Utah Academic Senate by Allyson Mower and Paul Mogren.

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