A Declaration of the People's Natural Right to a...

“… when the Natural Rights of any of our fellow-subjects are apparently at stake, every man has a right to judge for himself, and to declare his sentiments, as far as plain conclusions of reason and common-sense will fairly warrant; and such only are referred to in the following Declaration of the Natural Right of popular Representation in the legislature.

And as all British subjects, whether in Great-Britain, Ireland, or the Colonies, are equally free by the law of Nature, they certainly are equally entitled to the same Natural Rights that are essential for their own preservation; because this privilege of ‘having a share in the legislation’ is not merely a British Right, peculiar to this island, but it is also a Natural Right, which cannot, without the most fragrant and stimulating injustice, be withdrawn from any part of the British Empire by any worldly authority whatsoever;...”

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