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“Besides the danger of an indefinite dependance upon an undetermined power, it might be worth while to consider what the characters are on whom we are so ready to acknowledge ourselves dependent. The votaries for this idol tell us, upon the good people of our Mother-Country, whom they represent as the most just, humane, and affectionate friends we can have in the world. Were this true, it were some encouragement; but who can pretend ignorance that these just and humane friends are as much under the tyranny of men of a reverse character as we should be, could these miscreants gain their ends? I distain any more than a mutual dependance on any man, or number of men, upon earth; but an indefinite dependance upon a combination of men, who have, in the face of the sun, broken through the most solemn covenants, debauched the hereditary, and corrupted the elective guardians of the people’s rights; who have, in fact, established an absolute tyranny in Great-Britain and Ireland, and openly declared themselves competent to bind the Colonists in all cases whatsoever: I say, indefinite dependance on such a combination of usurping innovators is evidently as dangerous as liberty, as fatal to civil and social happiness, as any one step that could be proposed, even by the destroyer of men.”