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Fighting Words

His Majesty's Most Gracious Speech to Both Houses...

“By the Force which the last Parliament put into My Hands, and by the Blessings of Divine Providence on the Bravery of My Fleets and Armies, I have been enabled to withstand the formidable Attempts of My Enemies, and to frustrate the great Expectations they had formed; and the signal Successes which have attended the Progress of My Arms in the Provinces of Georgia and Carolina, gained with so much Honour to the Conduct and Courage of My Officers, and to the Valour and Intrepidity of My Troops, which have equalled their highest Character in any Age, will, I trust, have important Consequences in bringing the War to a happy Conclusion. –It is My most earnest Desire to see this great End accomplished; but I am confident you will agree with Me in Opinion, that We can only secure safe and honourable Terms of Peace by such powerful and respectable Preparations, as shall convince Our Enemies, that We will not submit to receive the Law from Powers whatsoever, and the We are united in a firm Resolution to decline no Difficulty, or Hazard, in the Defence of Our Country, and for the Preservation of Our essential Interests.” – 1 November 1780