Observations on the Act of Parliament Commonly...

“-Remember, that submission on to the yoke of bondage is the worst that can befall a people after the most fierce and unsuccessful resistance. What can the misfortune of vanquishment take away, which despotism and rapine would spare? It had been easy (said the great law-giver Solon to the Athenians,) to repress the advances of tyranny, and prevent it’s establishment, but now it is established and grown to some height it would be MORE GLORIOUS to demolish it. But nothing glorious is accomplished, nothing great is attained, nothing valuable is secured without magnanimity of mind and devotion of heart to the service. -- BRUTUS-LIKE, therefore, dedicate yourselves at this day to the service of your Country; and henceforth live A LIFE OF LIBERTY AND GLORY. … SPIRITS and GENII, like these, rose in Rome – and have since adorned Britain: such also will one day make glorious this more Western world. AMERICA hath in store her BRUTI and CASSII – her Hampdens and Sydneys – Patriots and Heroes, who will form a BAND OF BROTHERS: -- men who will have memories and feelings – courage and swords: -- courage, that shall inflame their ardent bosoms, till their hands cleave to their swords – and their SWORDS to their Enemies hearts.” – May 1774 (regarding the Boston Port Bill)

View Observations on the act of Parliament commonly called the Boston port-bill, with thoughts on civil society and standing armies in the Rare Books Collection in the Digital Library.

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