Political, Miscellaneous, and Philosophical Pieces

“The time has been when the colonies would have esteemed it a great advantage, as well as honour to them, to be permitted to send members to parliament; and would have asked for that privilege, if they could have had the least hopes of obtaining it. The time is now come, when they are indifferent about it, and will probably not ask it; though they might accept it if offered them; And the time will come, when they will certainly refuse it.” – 6 January 1766, Letter concerning the Gratitude of America, and the probability and effect of an Union with Great Britain; and concerning the Repeal or Suspension of the stamp-Act


View Political, miscellaneous, and philosophical pieces, arranged under the following heads, and distinguished by initial letters in each leaf: General politics; American politics before the troubles; American politics during the troubles; Provincial or colony politics; and Miscellaneous and philosophical pieces in the Rare Books Collection in the Digital Library

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