Speech of Edmund Burke, ESQ, on Moving His...

“The proposition is Peace. Not Peace through the medium of War; not Peace to be hunted through the labyrinth of intricate and endless negotiations; not Peace to arise out of universal discord, fomented, from principle, in all parts of the Empire; not Peace to depend on the Juridical Determination of perplexing questions; or the precise marking the shadowy boundaries of a complex Government. It is simple Peace; sought in its natural course, and its ordinary haunts. – It is Peace sought in the Spirit of Peace; and laid in principles purely pacific. I propose, by removing the Ground of the difference, and by restoring the former unsuspecting confidence of the Colonies in the Mother Country, to give permanent satisfaction to your people; and (far from a scheme of ruling by discord) to reconcile them to each other in the same act, and be the bond of the very same interest, which reconciles them to British Government.” – 22 March 1775


View Speech of Edmund Burke, Esq. on moving his resolutions for conciliation with the colonies, March 22, 1775 in the Rare Books Collection in the Digital Library.

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