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Fighting Words

The Americans Roused, in a Cure for the Spleen...

“People have been gulled, imposed on, and misled long enough; it is high time for them to look about them; the night is far spent, the day is at hand – the day of reckoning – the day, when the friends and foes, the liege subjects, and the rebels and traitors, to George the Third, must be distinguished: And however speciously the leaders may flatter their blind followers with hopes of success in their opposition, by publishing extracts of letters from England, they may assure themselves there is not the least reason to suppose that parliament will not support their authority, even to the ruin of the present generation, in this and all the other colonies, if it can’t be established at a less expence: And it is as certain that submission is required only to save the honour of government; they never intend to tax us; they don’t wish to enslave us; they ahbor the thought; they want us to be happy and free; but no we forsooth, must quarrel for a shadow, under a moral certainty of losing the substance in the contest.”