The Boston Gazette

“WHEREAS the Merchants and Traders of the Town of Boston, and almost all the Maritime Towns on the Continent, from a principle truly noble and generous, and to the sacrificing of their own private Interests, have entered into an Agreement not to import British Goods (a few necessary Articles excepted) until the Act of Parliament imposing certain Duties on Tea, Glass, Paper, Painters Colours, Oyl, &c. for the express Purpose of raising a Revenue in America, be repealed; which Agreement, if strictly adhered to, will not fail to produce the most salutary Effects. Therefore,

...VOTED, That we do with the utmost Abhorrence and Detestation, view the little, mean and sordid Conduct of a few Traders in this Province, who have and still do import British Goods contrary to said Agreement, and have thereby discovered that they are governed by a selfish Spirit, and are regardless of, and deaf to, the Miseries and Calamities which threaten this people.

VOTED, That whereas John Barnard, James McMasters, Patrick McMasters, John Mein, Nathaniel Rogers, William Jackson, Theaophilus Lulie, John Taylor, and Ame & Elizabeth Cummings, all of Boston; Israel Williams Esq; & Son of Hatfield; & Henry Barnes of Marlboro’, are of these Number; and do import contrary to said Agreement: We do hereby declare, that we will not buy the least Article of any of said persons ourselves, or suffer any acting for or under us, to buy of them; neither will we buy of those that shall buy or exchange any articles of Goods with them.

VOTED, That to the End of Generations which are yet unborn, may know who they were that laughed at the Distresses and Calamities of this people; and instead of striving to save their Country when in imminent Danger, did strive to render ineffectual a virtuous and commendable Plan; the Names of these Importers shall be annually read at March Meetings.” – 12 March 1770

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