The Declaration by the Representatives of the...

“But why should we enumerate our Injuries in detail? By one Statute it is declared, that Parliament can “of Right make laws to bind us in all Cases whatsoever.” What is to defend us against so enormous, so unlimited a Power? Not a single Man of those who assume it, is chosen by us, or is subject to our Controul or Influence: but, on the contrary, they are all of them exempt from the Operation of such Laws, and an American Revenue, if not diverted from the ostensible Purposes for which it is raised, would actually lighten their own burdens in proportion, as they increase ours. We saw the Misery to which such Despotism would reduce us. We for Ten Years incessantly and ineffectually besieged the Throne as Supplicants; we Reasoned, we Remonstrated with Parliament in the most mild and decent Language. But Administration, sensible that we should regard these oppressive Measures as Freemen ought to do, sent over Fleets and Armies to enforce them.”

– 6 July 1775


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