The Speech of Mr. P-----And Others, in a Certain

“Upon the Whole, I beg leave to tell the House what is my real Opinion: It is that the S--p A-- be repealed absolutely, totally and immediately. That the Reason of the Repeal be assigned, because it is founded upon erroneous Principles; at the same Time let the sovereign Authority of this Country over the Colonies be asserted in as strong Terms as can be advised – and be made to extend to every Point of Legislation whatsoever: That we may bind their Trade, confine their Manufactures, and exercise every Power whatsoever, except that of taking their Money out of their Pocket without their Consents.” – 17 December 1765


View Speech of Mr. P------- and others in a certain august assembly on a late important debate: with an introduction of the matters preceding it in the Rare Books Collection in the Digital Library.

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