The Speeches of His Excellency Governor...

“When a Community, great or small, think their Rights and Privileges infringed, they will express their Uneasiness in a Variety of Ways: some of which may be highly improper, and criminal. So far as any of an atrocious Nature have taken Place, we would express our Abhorrence of them: and as we have always done hitherto, we shall continue to do, every Thing in our Power to discourage and suppress them. But it is in vain to hope that this can be done effectually so long as the Cause of the Uneasiness, which occasioned them, exists." – 25 January 1773

View Speeches of His Excellency Governor Hutchinson, to the general assembly of the Massachusetts-bay, at a session begun and held on the sixth of January, 1773, With the answers of His Majesty's Council and the House of representatives respectively in the Rare Books Collection in the Digital Library

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