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Fighting Words

Thoughts on the Letter of Edmund Burke...

"Upon the whole, when I perceive a war, and such a war too, so weakly supported, and yet so violently pursued; when I find the most elevated of the Church, preaching and publishing to the world passive obedience and non-resistance to the supremacy of Law, whether that Law be right or wrong, whether it be good or bad, whether it be to establish Popery or Protestantism, whether it be enacted by an honest, or by a corrupt and abandoned Parliament; when I see men that were pillored in the reign of good George II. pensioned in this, and for the same reasons; when I hear of others hired to root out the very idea of public virtue from the minds, and tear benevolence from the hearts of Englishmen; when I reflect, but why add more to the black catalogue of public dangers? it is time to look at home: it is time, even with Stentorian voice, to call for union among the Friends of the Constitution; it is time that private opinion should yield to public safety: it is time that we should both watch and ward, for if the liberties of our fellow-subjects in America are to be taken from them, it is for the ideot only to suppose that we can preserve our own. The dagger uplifted against the breast of America, is meant for the heart of Old England."