The discovery of valuable mineral resources led to “boom towns” of miners springing up around the mines. Some towns, like Park City, became permanent settlements, while others quickly faded as the mines played out and the miners moved on. Some examples are the mining camps of the Tintic district, such as Mammoth. Frisco was settled in 1876 after the discovery of silver and lead ore. After booming years, the town was deserted by 1920.

Gold was discovered in the West Desert at Gold Hill in 1857, and a mining center was founded in 1871 with the construction of a smelter. Rich gold and copper mines kept the town going into the 20th century. After those resources played out, World War I created a demand for arsenic found in this area. After World War II, the mines closed. The post office ceased operation in 1949 and few residents are left.

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