Women's Clubs United

There were many women's clubs and organizations that formed in Utah during the twentieth century.  Consortia of these clubs formed to create a network of women's clubs and advocate for key issues amongst the clubs. The Utah Federation of Women's Clubs (formed in the late 1890s) and Salt Lake Council of Women (formed in 1912) were such consortia, consisting of regional women's clubs as members. Advocacy for smokeless fuel was one of the key issues these conglomerates, representing thousands of women in Utah, went to bat for. The Women's Chamber of Commerce was a member of both the Utah Federation of Women's Clubs and the Salt Lake Council of Women, which garnered more support for air quality advocacy. Campaign materials included informational handouts that toted facts and figures about Utah's coal and illustrated clean air possibilities of smokeless coal. 

Handout Salient Facts Concerning Utah's Coal Resources and Industry, published by the Utah Federation of Women's Clubs

Both the Utah Federation of Women's Clubs and Salt Lake Council of Women continued to thrive through the twentieth century. While air quality issues improved with the integration of natural gas to the Wasatch Front, they did not disappear. Air pollution sources shifted from mostly coal combustion to automobiles, which required advocacy for further regulations.  The Marriott Library Special Collections has collections on both of these organizations. See the Resources page for more information.

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