Marriner S. Eccles Resources at the J. Willard Marriott Library

During his time as Chairman of the Federal Reserve and the years that followed, Eccles amassed a wealth of written material. His collection includes correspondence, notes on federal law, and a sizeable body of literature in the field of Political Economy. In the later years of his life Eccles sought a repository for these papers so that they might find a renewed purpose in future research. Ultimately, this repository was the University of Utah Special Collections, where thousands of Eccles’ documents now reside. 

The Marriner S. Eccles photograph collection is made up of promotional and formal portraits of Eccles and various business events he attended. All of the photos within this exhibit were sourced from the photograph collection and can be physically viewed through Special Collections. The Marriner S. Eccles papers chronicles the years when Eccles made his greatest contributions as a national and international fiscal and monetary expert, businessman, and public figure. A portion of these papers have been digitized and are available online through the Federal Reserve Archive, though all documents are viewable upon request at Special Collections. Additionally, a large number of these papers, particularly correspondence and transcripts of public speeches, have been digitized in the the J. Willard Marriott Digital Library, while other documents are available online as part of the Federal Reserve Archive

As part of Eccles’ commitment to his legacy at the University of Utah, he sought to create a space within the Marriott Library to house another collection. The Marriner S. Eccles Library of Political Economy is located on Level Four of the library, adjacent to Special Collections, and houses scholarly books and manuscripts on banking, political, and economic history, highlighting Eccles’ career as a banker and chairman of the Federal Reserve System’s Board of Governors. An inventory of the books within this collection is accessible here.  The physical space and collection materials were made possible by a gift from the Marriner S. Eccles Foundation with the purpose of honoring the name of one of Utah’s outstanding citizens. The reading room has limited public use and is primarily intended for those persons doing scholarly work in the field of “Political Economy.” Contact Special Collections if you have any questions concerning the Marriner S. Eccles Library of Political Economy.

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