Voices from the Field

Profile of Bingham Canyon Miners Rajive Ganguli, PhD, PE; Rambabu Pothina, PhD; Michael Nelson, PhD

Kennecott Miners Diversity Profile (1898-1928): Project Background

  • Kennecott employment records from 1898-1928 were given to the Marriott Library
  • Records were digitized by the library
  • 40,535 records were analyzed to gain insight into miners from that era, particularly immigrants (the totals do not always match as some information may have been unclear in some records).

always alt text Figure 2. Number of Miners by Country of Origin, 1898-1928

always alt text Figure 3. Number of Miners by Country of Origin, 1898-1928

always alt text Figure 4. Miners by Age.

always alt text Figure 5. Median Height (inches) by Country.

always alt text Figure 6. Percent Married (Calculation based on counts shown as data label)

always alt text Figure 7. Miner and Country Count by Year.

always alt text

Figure 8. Hiring Trends; employment peaked in Spring and late Fall.

always alt text

Figure 9. Miners’ Median Body Mass Index (BMI*)

always alt text

Figure 10. Miners' Top Foreign Names by Year.

always alt text

Figure 11. Miners' Top U.S. Names by Year.

Sign of the Times: Some Reasons (verbatim) Miners Got Terminated

Got into a mortal brawl at "Blue Goose"
Too dumb to understand
Died of Flu three weeks after leaving
Quit to go to war
Smoking cigarettes on plant
Died of pneumonia
Discharged for causing wreck
Making trouble at Boarding House
8:45 am Killed himself shot twice throu breast
Fired [-]/c of lying, using two names
Discharged for talking too much

More about Rajive Ganguli

Dr. Rajive Ganguli is the Malcolm McKinnon Professor of Mining Engineering, and Associate Dean of Assessment in the College of Mines and Earth Sciences. He was previously with the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Jim Walter Resources (Alabama) and Hindustan Copper Limited (India). He has three degrees in mining engineering, is a registered Professional Engineer (Alaska) and a mine foreman (Alabama). He is very interested in the grand challenges of mining, from exploiting big data, to tackling the various issues that make mines difficult to permit. Among other things, over the last two decades, he has been working on computational intelligence application in the mining industry. More information is available on his research at mining.utah.edu/ai.sys

More about Michael Nelson

Dr. Michael G. (Mike) Nelson is professor of mining engineering at the University of Utah. He holds degrees in metallurgical engineering, applied physics, and mining engineering. Mike has worked for Kennecott Copper, Westinghouse Electric, Consolidation Coal, and EIMCO Process Equipment. He holds nine patents in mining and mineral processing technology, and has given invited short courses in the U.S.A., Australia, Ecuador, and India. In 2019, he was elected a Fellow and Distinguished Member of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration, and In 2020, he received the Utah Mining Association’s General Patrick E. Connor Award for Service to Utah’s Mining Industry.

More about Rambabu Pothina

Dr. Pothina has BS, MS, and PhD degrees in Mining Engineering. He has research expertise in the areas of industrial sensor error detection, data-mining, machine learning, and big data analytics. He has more than a decade of complementing industry experience, along with strong publication history in major peer-reviewed journals. As a key player of Artificial Intelligence (“ai.sys”) group at Mining Engineering, University of Utah, he has been contributing to wide variety of data intensive projects. He is also helping in developing and teaching data analytics courses to practicing professionals.