About the project

In August of 2013 the American West Center launched a new project focused on creating a comprehensive oral history collection that documents human engagement with Great Salt Lake. The interviews tell the stories of a broad spectrum of user groups and stakeholders including people engaged in scientific research, government/land management, recreation, art, industry, and conservation. The final collection, projected to include over one hundred interviews, will bring a humanities perspective to research on the lake and remain a valuable public and scholarly resource for generations to come.


About the American West Center:

The American West Center, founded in 1964, promotes the interdisciplinary study of the American West through publicly-engaged scholarship and programming. Our projects utilize methodologies of oral history, digital humanities, and public history, as we study issues related to the region’s Native peoples, public policy and land management, and environmental history. We work with partners across the University of Utah, other humanities-focused centers, Federal, state, and local land management agencies, tribal nations and communities, and other advocacy organizations and scholars. The center is located on the historic grounds of Fort Douglas at the University of Utah.  Learn more about the AWC at awc.utah.edu/

Great Salt Lake Resources: The Friends of Great Salt Lake have a comprehensive resource list HERE, which includes links to Education organizations, recreation organizations, Academic research organizations, conservation / advocacy Organizations, Art, Businesses and Co-op’s, Federal agencies, State / Local Agencies & Committees, Places to Visit, and Contemporary Issues.

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