Photography in Focus Gallery Guide

Use this downloadable gallery guide to explore the photographs in Shaping Landscapes or bring it with you when you visit the UMFA's galleries to help explore photographs currently on view. Find the Photography in Focus gallery self-guide here.

Excerpt from Photography in Focus 

We've all seen photographs— digital, Polaroid, daguerreotype, black and white, color—but what defines these varied processes? A photograph is an image created by light exposed on any surface that has been light sensitized, such as film or glass. 

Think about where you have seen photographs. Were they on a wall, on a phone, in an album, or on a bill-board? Although we use and see photographs in every-day life, some artists use this medium to create art.

Let’s look at photographs and explore some important questions: Does photography tell the truth? Is photography fine art? Why are photographs taken? Can photography change the world?