Ski & Snow Sports Advisory Board

2023 Advisory Board

The Ski & Snow Sports Adivosry Board's primary mission is to nurture the growth of the University of Utah Marriott Library Ski & Snow Sports Archives program. The group functions through various committees and is the primary link between the ski community and the Marrott Library. Members are a source of information and ideas for the Archives program including the planning and execution of the annual Ski Affair fundraiser. 



Volunteer Advisory Board

  • Andy Chambers
  • Lorraine Crouse
  • Raelene Davis
  • Jaime Dupratt
  • Jim Gaddis
  • Phil Jones
  • Barbie Kallerud
  • Lester Keller
  • Safia Keller
  • Rose Kjesbo
  • Keith Lange
  • Luke Leither
  • Stewart Marsh
  • Tom Nielson
  • Clark Parkinson
  • Bill Shaw
  • Ron Steele
  • Jim Sullivan
  • Gregory Thompson
  • Michael Thurgood
  • Hannah Tyler
  • Larry Warren – Master of Ceremonies
  • Dave Watson
  • Michael Whitnall


Charter Members


Intermountain Ski Hall of Fame Committee

The Alf Engen Museum's Intermountain Ski Hall of Fame (ISHF) commemorates individuals who have recorded exemplary achievements in: skiing/snowboarding competition; innovation and development; and/or made significant contributions to the overall promotion of skiing/snowboarding in the Intermountain Region (Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming). Learn more about the ISHF here. Nominations are reviewed and inductee selections made by the following sub-committee of the Advisory Board:

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