Corporate Names

The Western Name Authority Project currently has 10,562 names of corporations and organizations, ranging from   l'Association du Tourisme de l'Oberland bernois to  Zwitserse Alpenposten. 

Explore regional corporate names such as:

Institutions with unique corporate names are:

Unique corporate names held by each WNAF Partner

Brigham Young UniversityDepartment of Heritage and ArtsOregon DigitalUniversity of DenverUniversity of Nevada RenoUniversity of UtahUtah State ArchivesUtah State University

Shared corporate names by WNAF partners

A smaller number of corporate names are shared between multiple institutions.

BYU; DHAUSU; DHAUtah; USU; UNR; DenverBYU; Utah; DHAUSU; DenverUSU; UNRUSU; USABYU; UtahUtah; DenverUtah; USUUtah; DHA

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