Scholars and researchers are welcome to download and explore the Woman’s Exponent materials for their own research purposes.  Two principles guide the structure of this section of the web site.  First, we align ourselves with transparency and universality that undergirds peer review (in academia) and open source (in computing). As such, we have made available the entire corpus in plain text format for interested visitors.  You can visit the GitHub page to download the corpus, explore geographic mentions in the newspaper, or play with the embedded Voyant Tools instance.  An error-checked, downloadable transcription is available from Brigham Young University's Scholars Archive platform.

Second, we take part of a movement in archival institutions toward making collections machine-actionable and operable as datasets.  To that end, please keep an eye on further development of this project, as we embark on cleaning up the data and implementing encoding schemes to add value to the collection.

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