Repurposed religious structures

Population dynamics over the last several decades has led to much change in the physical landscape of religious Salt Lake. As some church congregations grew after World War II, they abandoned old church buildings for newer religious homes. Some of the old structures were repurposed as commercial properties or became the homes of other religious congregations. The LDS wards were not immune to this change, as some ward houses took in multiple wards, while others were abandoned due to less congregants in certain neighborhoods.

Some examples of repurposed buildings:

Phillips Congregational Church at 500 South, 700 East, now an office furniture store.

Immanuel Baptist Church, 401 E. 200 South, later Anthony’s Fine Arts & Antiques

Free Mission Swedish Evangelical Church, 734 S. 700 East, SLC, later the Mosque of the Islamic Center of Salt Lake.

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